De Buurvrouw is een Kutwijf (‘The Neighbor is a Bitch), digital film teaser, 2019

Note: This is a teaser to the final documentary, as will be finished around 2021

‘De Buurvrouw is een Kutwijf’ is a short, observing documentary about ‘male culture’, wherein two male friendship groups are followed for a year. ‘De Buurvrouw is een Kutwijf’ aims to either refute or underline arguments regarding the ‘white, cis, straight man’, which are often coined by female and queer feminists. 

There is a lot of talk about their privilege in modern gender studies: but who really are they [the white, cis, straight men]? Is their life really that much easier because of their privilege? Or is there much more to it? Which stereotypes about young men are true? And which are not? Do these young men maintain a misogynistic idea about women among each other? Are they portraying ideas of internalized -isms? And how do you even talk about your emotions and problems, when, at the same time, you want to meet the expectations that stem from a toxic-masculinity-culture?