Het Hart Ontdaan Van Al Zijn Bloed Is Wit / The heart, drained of all its blood is white, digital video, 2018

‘Het Hart Ontdaan Van Al Zijn Bloed Is Wit’ is a short, documentary style no-budget film about sexual trauma and the effect it directly has on not only the individual, but on others, too, when inevitable shared.

A sexual trauma is never experienced alone. Every single person you’ll be intimate with after the fact, carries a part of the trauma in one of many possible ways. Therefore sexual assault is not only an individual experience. it is a mutual, shared one. In this documentary, I’ve talked with all the men I’ve been with, in an ongoing research to self, and to how I might have traumatized, or left a mark on others, whilst trying to heal.

Music by Nick Borchers, camera by Jedidja Smalbil, Lieve van Meegen and Lilian Anneloes, montage, screenplay and concept by Lilian Anneloes



'Het Hart Ontdaan Van Al Zijn Bloed Is Wit' is part of an ongoing research and process. It is and was never meant as a lighthearted or entertaining piece of film to watch together or to criticise. It was not meant to be political either, albeit the topics discussed are part of social-political debates. It discusses highly sensitive and personal topics such as sexual assault, rape, recovery, alcohol abuse and more. Viewer discretion is advised.