Suus en de Dronkaards (‘Nog even aandringen’) / Suzan and the Drunks (‘Just push a little further’), graphite on paper, 56 x 82 cm, 2019

Suus en de Dronkaards (‘ Nog even aandringen’) is a drawing inspired by the biblical story of sexual assault/bribing of Susanna and The Elders. Susanna has in art history often been depicted as a seductive woman; as a woman asking for her assault. Suus en de Dronkaards uses aspects of this story, but has them put in a modern context. Suzanna is not asking for anything, yet, by buying her beers, there is an aspect of a ‘risk investment’ in potential sexual behavior (‘I buy you a drink - you go home with me tonight’).

The second title directly tackles the Dutch far right politician Thierry Baudet’s mysoginistic quote “if a woman says no, you shouldn’t take it as a no; you should just say: honey, we’re going to have a drink. Just push a little further’.